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  • Cheap module, purchase quality module board directly from Chinese supplier: New TSU6 TSU-6 CTCSS Decoder BOARD Module For Kenwood TH25 TH45 TH55 TH75 TK705 TK805 TM231
Our radios work with CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2 TONE**, 5 TONE**, and MSK** tones and paging operations. Our radios can not only send tones, but also receive and decode tones as well. Giving customization to options such as paging, ANI, and remote radio commands (such as stun, kill, messaging and more)

There Are 83 Digital Codes Available. Any Standard... T03 Programmable Dcs/ctcss Encoder/decoder; Description; Installation; Figure 3-2mx800 Dcs Option T03 - Spectra Engineering...

CTCSS codes are functions that reject undesired signals on your channel. You will hear a call only when you receive a signal that contains a matching CTCSS tone or DCS code. If a call containing a different tone or code is received, squelch will not open and you will not hear the call.
  • Uplink: 145.350MHz, CTCSS Tone: 203.5Hz, mode: Wide-FM, vertical polarization. Downlink: 433.800MHz, Transmit power: 1W. Please log all your contacts and report them here: (Google Forms, Romanian). Our goal is to have a rough estimate of ground coverage, as a function of altitude. 2. Reprogrammed RS41 radiosonde
  • EJ-20 CTCSS Decoder board Adds CTCSS decoding to the Radio.
  • On board switching for VF path control Dip switch mode selection Software mode selection Programmable channel spacing Progammable CTCSS encoder/decoder MIL Standard The MXD1500 Base Station is designed to meet or exceed most requirements for MIL-STD810 C, D and E. Specifications subject to change without notice and are

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    The all new Main Board uses the latest technology to provide more functionality than the 7K has at lower cost. ... CTCSS, etc. A 100-Setpoint ... COR/CTCSS Decode/PTT ...

    6- Enter receiver ctcss (PL) tone code (two digits, see chart below), then follow with transmitter ctcss (PL) tone code (2 digits). The transmitter PL tone code does not need to be entered if the mode in step 4 selected was SIMPLEX and the tone is the same as the receiver's.

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    Optional board The IC-F3021 series has a 40-pin expansion socket for adding an optional board. A voice scrambler provides secure conversation and the DTMF decoder features has ANI (Automatic Number Identification) capability, depending on the installed board.

    The Alinco DR-635T is a twin band mobile transceiver operating on the 2 meter and 70 cm bands. It has transmit coverage from 144 to 147.995 and 430-449.995 MHz.

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    I found these devices brand new on ebay. Very handy little device if you do much with two way radio or want to find out the tone and frequency a radio is transmitting without checking the programming.

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    CTCSS decoder is used with a VHF or UHF receiver to detect a specific CTCSS tone. When detected, the receiver audio is unmuted and the incoming signal can be heard. Of course, a CTCSS decoder is required on repeater receivers and most professional repeaters include this

    1PCS FTS-19 CTCSS BOARD Decoder For YAESU FT-2008 / FT-7008 / FT-2010 / FT-7010 . Item Information. Condition: New. Bulk savings: Buy 1. $35.00/ea. Buy 2. $34.30/ea ...

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    Jun 27, 2015 · Previously, my only method of testing CTCSS encode and decode has been to program another radio and see if the squelch was opened. This is a bit hit-and-miss as low cost CTCSS chips can often be triggered by adjacent codes. The $29 RK-560 includes CTCSS and DCS decode.

    Softcobra Decoder.

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    I have the same problem. On two local FM repeaters that transmit with ctcss. If other party is over-modulated (to close to mic or too much mic gain) the sound is stuttering. Using the latest firmware from 30.04.2020. No problems when using my other analog radios. 73, 4O6DTM

    New PIEXX Direct reading CTCSS Tone Encoder Board. $55.99. ... Lafayette Priva-Com IV Dual-Tone Encoder/Decoder No. 99-3123 Installation Manual. $14.99. Free shipping.

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    ...Tonal System CTCSS Tonal System DCSS - PL/DPL Tonal System DTMF Tonal System DZVEI M.1371-1 AIS 9600bd MDC-1200 MODAT Tonal System NATEL Tonal System POCSAG Paging.

    Manufacturer. SC41344. Encoder and Decoder Pairs CMOS. 1 2 3 4 5 More. Motorola, Inc. TQ9303. Fibre Channel Encoder/Decoder. 1 2 3 4 5 More. TriQuint Semiconductor.

Contribute to coolacid/arduino-ctcss development by creating an account on GitHub. CTCSS Decoder for Arduino. This library detects and does $THING when CTCSS tone is detected.
Optional board The IC-F3021 series has a 40-pin expansion socket for adding an optional board. A voice scrambler provides secure conversation and the DTMF decoder features has ANI (Automatic Number Identification) capability, depending on the installed board.
The CMX883 is pre-programmed with 39 standard CTCSS Notone and DCS `turn-off' code) and 12 additional `split-tone' frequencies. Any one of these can be selected for reception or transmission. Decoding is aided by the use of adjustable decode bandwidths and threshold levels.
EJ-41U internal TNC board is available as an option for 1200/9600bps packet, no need to remove mic for packet operation. ... CTCSS tone encoder/decoder 39 tones ...